The following is a list of texts that I refer to in my dissertation.  Where available, I link to a digital text file of the source or a PDF for convenient reference.  The etexts were obtained from various web sources and from other colleagues.  I am in the process of switching from linked files to linking the original website where the text was published, when I can determine it.

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Jaina Tantra

Śaiva Tantra


Vaiṣṇava Tantra etc.


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  1. Wavatar K.S. Narayanan says:

    Dear Mr Michael Slouber,

    Self and few devotees of Sri Narasimha are in the process of establishing a temple for Sri Ashtamukha Gandabherunda Narasimha, a rare form of Narasimha with 8 heads and having 32 million hands; though many people say that the details are available in Atharvana Veda mantrasara, Stambodhbhava Kalpam, Gandabherunda Tantram, Gandabherunda Kalpam, Narasimha Prasadam, Narasimha Kalpam etc., we are not able to get the scriptures and request you to help and guide us in this regard.

    Warm Regards
    K.S. Narayanan
    Chennai, India

    • Wavatar Shridhar Alurkar says:

      Dear Mr. K.S. Narayanan,
      While trying to understand how Mr Michael Slouber, from Germany could garner so much of interest in a Hindu deity called Garuda I saw your temple project for Sri Ashtamukha Gandabherunda Narasimha. Being a Shri Narasimha bhakta myself, this form evoked more interest in my mind. So my best wishes to you and your friends.
      A search on the net today, led me to following link that has article on the deity in 8 parts, so I opened the pages only to find that all information is in Tamil which is beyond my capacity. May be it could be of some use to you, so here is the link;
      Shridhar Alurkar

      • Wavatar Michael says:

        Dear Mr. Alurkar,

        It should not be a mystery why I or anyone else is interested in Indian civilization. It is one of the greatest civilizations of the world, and I am one of many thousands of scholars worldwide who have chosen to make a career out of studying and teaching about India. Millions of people in the United States and Europe (and millions more in the rest of the world) are passionate about India for one reason or another. Likewise, millions of people in India are interested in American and European cultures. In this day and age this sort of cross-culturalism should not surprise.

  2. Wavatar Michael says:

    Dear K.S. Narayanan,

    I do not know very much about Gaṇḍabheruṇḍa, unfortunately. I have studied the goddess named Bheruṇḍa, and in the course of that I noted two manuscripts about Gaṇḍabheruṇḍa at the IFP (Institut Français de Pondichéry=French Institute of Pondicherry).

    On the handlist of the IFP, manuscript #10.91 includes a Gaṇḍabheruṇḍa mantra.
    #45.750 is called Gaṇḍabheruṇḍa.

    I have not heard of the other texts that you mention. I would suggest looking through catalogs of some of the large manuscript libraries of South India, like the Government Oriental Manuscript Library in Chennai.

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